SMP Year-1 Himalaya Course PDF and MP3 downloads. Vidyesvara Samhita complete; Rudra Samhita - only Srsti Khanda part one of five; Mahavidya Mantras, Rishi and some Jyotisha
  • DBC-Himalaya Rules
    This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Himalaya

    The Himalaya is aptly named ‘Deva-bhūmi’ and is an abode of the ṛṣi and sages. It provides a safe space […]

  • SMP Time-Table 2016
    This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Himalaya

    Date Day 8 – 12 AM 2 – 4.30 PM 6-7 PM Ψ 04-Mar-2016 Fri To Bhim Tal 05-Mar-2016 Sat […]

  • Fall of Cañculā
    This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Mahātmya

    Prologue In the third chapter of Śiva Mahāpurāṇa Mahātmya, Sūta agrees to tell this story to Śaunaka as he is […]

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  • Jageshwar Diksha
    This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Himalaya

    Diksha Schedule Many of you are very excited about the panchakshari diksha and Jageshwar plans for the same. I thought […]

  • The Piśāca

    Definitions पिशाच (piśāca) refers to a class of beings having a yellowish appearance. The yellowish color is derived from the […]

  • What Sin?

    All that interests people about spirituality is anything linked to their future – nobody is bothered about the past. Only […]

  • Pralaya

    There are four kinds of प्रलय (pralaya) mentioned in the Viṣṇu Purāṇa. Nitya pralaya Nitya (नित्य) pralaya which has to […]

  • Rethinking Contact Class
    This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Himalaya

    Dīkṣā Need There has been some discussion about options to attend the course. In this regard, we wish to quote […]

  • Join SMP
    This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series About SMP

    Course Fees There are various options to join SMP.The Full ONLINE cost for the course is $450 (which is estimated […]

  • SMP Application
    This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series About SMP

    ॥ॐ नमः शिवाय॥ Instructions Do not send any Course payments or fees, what-so-ever until this application has been accepted by […]

  • Mahā Śiva Rātri Pujā
    This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series About SMP

    No Date Day Śivarātri 1 17 Feb 2015 Tuesday Mahā 2 18 Mar 2015 Wednesday Māsa 3 17 Apr 2015 […]

  • Estimated Costs
    This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series About SMP

    The costs provided are an approximate estimate of that which the student will incur towards (a) Course Fees, (b) Lodging […]

  • Highlights
    This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series About SMP

    Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center announces its program titled “Śiva Mahā-Purāṇa Course” (SMP) to be taught online and through contact classes during […]

  • Bhasmi Karana

    Bhasmas are unique preparations of Ayurveda. They are commonly used in the treatment of diseases. They have great therapeutic value […]

  • Vyāsa Mantra

    Vedavyāsa Aṣṭākṣarī Mantra This mantra is used for vidya siddhi. Simple procedure is given below. Start this mantra on a […]

  • Rudrākṣa Jābāla Translations

    Various translations of the Rudrākṣa-Jābāla-Upaniṣad are included in this reference {tab=Shaivam} By R. A. Sastri Om. Next Bhusunda addressed Kalagni […]

  • Rudrākṣa Jābāla Upaniṣad

    रुद्राक्षजाबालोपनिषत्‌ rudrākṣajābālopaniṣat रुद्राक्षोपनिषद्वेद्यं महारुद्रतयोज्ज्वलम्‌। प्रतियोगिविनिर्मुक्तशिवमात्रपदं भजे॥ rudrākṣopaniṣadvedyaṁ mahārudratayojjvalam | pratiyogivinirmuktaśivamātrapadaṁ bhaje || ॐ आप्यायन्तु ममाङ्गानि वाक्प्राणश्चक्षुः श्रोत्रमथो बलमिन्द्रियाणि च॥ सर्वाणि […]

  • Śiva Tāṇḍava Stotram

    Shiva Tandava Stotra beautifully sung by Param Pujya Shri Ramesh Oza जटाटवीगलज्जलप्रवाहपावितस्थले गलेऽवलम्ब्य लम्बितां भुजङ्गतुङ्गमालिकाम्‌। डमड्डमड्डमड्डमन्निनादवड्डमर्वयं चकार चण्डताण्डवं तनोतु नः […]

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