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The costs provided are an approximate estimate of that which the student will incur towards (a) Course Fees, (b) Lodging and Boarding (c) Travel from New Delhi to Bhim Tal and (d) Shiva Ratri Puja.
Please note that the concept of Dakshina maybe foreign to some of you. It simply means “Donation to the priest (personified along with Brahmanas-pati, Indra or Soma) or teacher of Veda or vedic literature. The amount is never fixed and varies depending on (a) the financial means of the native, (b) the heart and faith of the native and (c) the guru (teacher or priest) who may make a specific request which may have nothing to do with finances at all. For example, Guru Dronacharya asked the Pandava brothers to give him King Draupada as Dakshina! This led to a war between the Pandava and Draupada, the latter was routed and was brought to Dronacharya.

Cost Head Payable to USD INR
Śiva Mahāpurāṇa Course Online Fee
@ $25 per month 18 months
Pt. Sanjay Rath $ 450 (Max)
…say $301
₹ 18,060
Mahā Śiva Rātri Pujā Śrī Jagannāth Center® $ 108 ₹ 6480
Kit Bag (Optional) Sagittarius Publications $ 50 ₹ 3000
Total Cost $ 459 ₹ 27,540

foresthuntNote: This is the LOWEST amount calculated for $301 as Special Concession Fee.


1. The SMP Course Fee are meant for the Online Course and is payable to Pt. Sanjay Rath and this allows immediate admission to the online course. The Himalaya Contact Course is free and is open only for those who have been admitted to the online course. Normally some students like to give dakṣiṇa during the contact classes and this can only be done on Thursday in the AM after breakfast and before the classes begin.

Old SMP Student Concession
Students who have attended the previous Śiva Purāṇa Course in the Himalayas can either
(a) Join for Part-B (11 days) of the course by availing a student fee concession of US$120 (Pay Fee minus $120) or
(b) Join for entire course by availing a student fee concession of US$60 (Pay Fee minus $60)
PJC/JSP Student Concession
Students of Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course or Jaimini Scholar Program who are currently enrolled and studying with any of the teachers of DBC can avail of $100 discount (Pay Fee minus $100)
Only One Concession
Only one student concession – either (a) Old SMP Student Concession or (b) PJC/JSP Student Concession can be availed at a time. Students availing of concession will need to inform Couse Coordinator Sarbani Rath ( along with proof of payment

2. Mahā Śivarātri Pujā is compulsory for all students of SMP and this has been planned to be held at Nāgeśa Jyotirliñga at Jageshwar, India. The cost of $108 includes the entire cost of travel from Bhimtal to Jageshwar and back for Mahā Śiva Rātri pujā at Nāgeśa Jyotirliñga on the 17th Feb, 2015, cost of pujā materials as well as dakṣiṇa (donation) for the priest. This cost is payable only by students admitted for SMP Course to Śrī Jagannāth Center before 31 January, 2015 [Insert Link]

3. Kit Bag is optional and we have provided these before the first year of the Jaimini Scholar Program and the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course. If you need a kit bag, please order one from Sagittarius Publications. [Insert Link]

Lodging & Boarding Costs

[mappress mapid=”2 “width=”100%” height=”300″]
Cost Head Payable to USD INR
Double Part-A @ ₹1700× 9 days Neelesh Inn
Bhim Tal
$255 ₹ 15,300
Part-B @ 1700 ×12 days $340 ₹ 20,400
Full @ ₹1700× 21 days $595 ₹ 35,700
Single Part-A @ ₹2500× 9 days $375 ₹ 22,500
Part-B @ ₹2500× 12 days $500 ₹ 30,000
Full @ ₹2500× 21 days $875 ₹ 52,500

The cost of lodging which means a place in which someone lives or stays temporarily and boarding which simply means the provision of regular meals when one stays somewhere, in return for payment or services, has been clubbed together for the participants of all courses of SJC/DBC. These rates are negotiated and fixed for ‘financial years’ which in India, ends on 31 March.

The room costs include all meals, tea during breaks and some snacks in the evening. These are rates for the Financial Year 2014-15. Please choose your preference and inform the Course Coordinator accordingly. In case you choose a double sharing, please inform your room-mate preferences as well. This Boarding and Lodging cost is payable at the time of checkout at the hotel. Any additional services availed at the Hotel like laundry, are additional.

Travel Costs

Travel costs are not included. Normally Toyota Innova Taxi are available to ferry students from New Delhi, International Airport to Bhim Tal at a cost of about ₹9,000 per car for a big car and ₹7,000 per car for a small car. This is normally shared by 2 to four students, which works out much cheaper. Talk to our trusted transport agent Mr. Nirmal ‘Nima’ at or call +91-9837323865, once you have your flight tickets booked and he will plan your taxi sharing. You pay for your taxi only on arrival at Neelesh Inn, Bhim Tal.

Some students prefer to take a break at New Delhi and overcome jet lag before proceeding to Bhim Tal. Hotels at Karol Bag are safer, cleaner and relatively cheaper. You can easily book a decent hotel room online at Expedia, or any such website. For example Swati Deluxe Hotel has clean rooms and the best food at its Shudh Restaurant.

The option of a train to Kathgodam followed by a taxi to Bhim Tal can be availed, especially if you are travelling light. Make sure that you have a ‘confirmed’ ticket from the Indian Railways.

Pañcākṣarī Dīkṣa

A few students who have not had any sort of formal dīkṣa (other than Gāyatrī) from a bona fide paraṁparā, will participate in the pañcākṣarī dīkṣa. We have not estimated any costs as the number of participants is not available. The Course Coordinator will handle this.

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