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Course Fees
There are various options to join SMP.The Full ONLINE cost for the course is $450 (which is estimated from i18 months X $25) It entitles you to access the website from June 2014 to November 2015, which is the course period of SMP-1. In addition you have ‘continued access’ to the material for an additional 18 months. Total access 3 years at least.

Other Costs
Please make payments based on your plans. Options to pay for the Śivarātri Pujā, Kit Bag as well as to source your copy of the Śiva Mahāpurāṇa Book are included in this page.

SMP Options

Concession Options
If you are a member of Devaguru Brhaspati Center or doing one of the courses like PJC or JSP then you could choose “PJC/JSP + SMP” option at the time of checkout and avail of the appropriate concession If you have studied the Shiva Mahapurana previously with Pt. Sanjay Rath, then you would prefer the “Old SMP Part-B” option at checkout. If you want to do the entire SMP course again, then choose “Old SMP Full” option. Special concession is for special people. In fact, we will give a 100% concession to the five most deserving students. Which means 10% of the students get this course for free. Just write to the Course Coordinator if you need this support. All these are explained in the Estimated Costs page

Śivarātri Pujā
The Śivarātri pujā at Jageshwar, Himalaya is optional for those joining the course and if you can make it for this pujā, please pay the cost to Śrī Jagannāth Center. The cost of the pujā includes everything that is necessary to transport you from the Neelesh Inn (Bhimtal) to Jageshwar, participate in the pujā at the holy Nāgeśa jyotirliñga, dakṣiṇa for priests, all items for the pujā and return to the hotel.

Kit Bag
Most students who have participated in the PJC/JSP already have kit bags which include so many things for daily use and may not need this. However, if you need any refills and it can be a good idea to communicate with Sagittarius Publications Manoshi Roy for your needs.

Śiva Mahāpurāṇa Book
The recommended translation of Śiva Mahāpurāṇa is by Śrī Shanti Lal Nagar, Parimal Publications, New Delhi. You will need Vol-1 for SMP-1, Vol-2 for SMP-2 and Vol-3 for SMP-3. Consider ordering your copy from Sagittarius Publications. It is also a good idea to buy a red silk cloth and silk string to tie the books for your prayer place.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Parimal Publications

India Applicants

Home Students
Full Course Fees: ₹ 27,000
PJC/JSP Waiver: ₹ 21,000
Special Concession: ₹ 18,000
Mahā Śiva Rātri Pujā: ₹ 6480 (Optional)
Kit Bag: ₹ 3000 (Optional)
Those of you who wish to pay into my India Bank Account, should deposit a cheque or transfer the money to the HDFC Bank Account.
Note-1: Specifically mention “SMP-1, Name, Email
Note-2: Please pay ONLY after submission of Application Form and receiving an approval form us.
Sri Jagannath Center
Account No: 00262000022052
ADDRESS: 13-B Pusa Road, Bazar Marg,Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi 110060
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