Preparation of Bhasma at Lakshmi Sewa Sangham

Preparation of Bhasma at Lakshmi Sewa Sangham

Bhasmas are unique preparations of Ayurveda. They are commonly used in the treatment of diseases. They have great therapeutic value because they get absorbed easily in the body even in very small doses. This is due to their micro fineness.Preparation of Bhasmas, is an elaborate process involving Sodhana and Bhasmikaran. The classical texts of Ayurveda prescribe in detail the way the above processes need to be performed. Bhasmas are prepared by Puta method. There are different methods of Putas explained for different metals and minerals according to their physical and chemical nature.Bhasmas are prepared by the process of Marana by Putapaka method, the metals and minerals are converted in to micro fine form. The present study aims to study in detail the Concept of Bhamikarana as explained in classical Rasa Shastra texts.

Bhasmikaran is a process by which a substance which is otherwise bio-incompatible is made bio-compatible by certain samskaras or processes (Puranik and Dhamankar, 1964e). The objectives of samskara are :-

  1. elimination of harmful matters from the drug
  2. modification of undesirable physical properties of the drug
  3. conversion of some of the characteristics of the drug
  4. enhancement of the therapeutic action

Various steps involved in the preparation of bhasma (or bhasmikaran) are:-

  1. Shodhan -Purification,
  2. Maran – Powdering,
  3. Chalan- Stirring,
  4. Dhavan – Washing,
  5. Galan- Filtering,
  6. Putan- Heating,
  7. Mardan- Triturating,
  8. Bhavan- Coating with herbal extract,
  9. Amrutikaran – Detoxification and
  10. Sandharan- Preservation

Selection of these steps depends on the specific metal. Sometimes there is an overlapping of the steps e.g. maran is achieved by puttan.

Bhasma – Indian Nano Medicine

Bhasma, is a ayurvedic metallic/mineral preparation, treated with herbal juices or decoction and exposed for certain quantum of heat as per puta system of Ayurveda, which was recorded in Indian subcontinent in 7th century A.D. (although very ancient) and widely recommended for the treatment of many disease conditions. Bhasma are claimed to be biologically produced nanoparticles, which are prescribed with several other medicines of Ayurveda.

Bhasma are classified based on the raw-material source as (a) Metal-based Bhasma, (b) Mineral-based Bhasma or (c) Herbal Bhasma.
Some Important Bhasma include –
1. Gold (Swarna) Bhasma
2. Mukta Shouktic Bhasma
3. Varatika Bhasma
4. Mandura (Iron) Bhasma
5. Naga Bhasma
6. Tamra (Copper) Bhasma
7. Abhrak Bhasma
8. Yashada Bhasma
9. Sankha Bhasma