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Diksha Schedule
Many of you are very excited about the panchakshari diksha and Jageshwar plans for the same. I thought of sharing some details, even as the plans are being finalised by Sarbani.

4:00 AM Must start journey from Bhim Tal to Jageshwar
This journey is going to take about 3-4 hours and we are hiring Taxis to share. Since complete fast is advised on this day, breakfast will not be served. Those of you having diabetes or any other such health problem are advised to carry some fruits for the journey. We will make a break for having tea enroute.
Men must be in 100% white colours. It is going to be cold by India standards and you are required to have some warm clothing

7.30 AM Arrival in Jageshwar (Nageshwar Jyotirlinga)
You have about 30 minutes to refresh. Those of you who use the toilet must make it a point to wash below the waist before the diksha puja starts.

Entrance of Jageshwar Temple

8.00 AM Diksha Puja Start
The ṣoḍaśa upacāra pūjā of Mṛtyuṅjaya Shiva is expected to take about 2 ½ hours. You will be required to sit and participate in the pūjā. You will be given individual Śiva Liṅga and complete set of pūjā equipment. You will be required to carry this back with you for your daily Śiva Pūjā at home.

10.00 AM Pañcākṣarī Dīkṣa
Pañcākṣarī Dīkṣa is to be done in Vṛṣabha lagna, Makara rāśi. The muhurta cannot be changed as this is the only auspicious time available for this dīkṣa. In any case vṛṣabha (bull) is a favourite of Lord Śiva.
Since we are in a middle size group of about 20-50 people, this is expected to take about 2 hours. Please note that all dīkṣa have to be completed before 11.45 AM. Do not rush and also do not cause delay as everyone has to receive their mantra between this time. Here is the muhurta chart for the dīkṣa


12.30 PM Lunch at Jageshwar
The priest will arrange food for us and it is good not to displease him. It is most advisable that those of us who cannot keep a full day hard fast may choose to break it with one meal at this time as arranged by the priest in a hotel.

2.00 PM Departure from Jageshwar
We should be back at Bhim Tal by about 4-5 PM for some tea and snacks (for those of us who cannot keep hard fast).

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